veiling # 1, 2020,100x80cm,oil on canvas

      pink speedo with sunglasses, 2021, 60x60cm, oil on canvas

 not just a saint, 2022, 60x60cm, oil on linnen

                            avatar, 2020, 90x120cm, oil on canvas

 entanglement, 2020, 100x120cm, oil

                   king of the queens, 2018, 160x120cm,oil on canvas

paradiso, 2018, 100x80cm,oil on canvas

            study of a male nude, 2019,40x30cm, oil on paper

dreams may come true, 2018, 60x60cm,oil on canvas

               swimming cap, 2019,40x40cm,oil on canvas

 sharp, 2018, 30x30cm, oil on cardboard

blue eyes,2016, 67x105cm, oil on canvas

 floating speedo, 2016, 80x80cm, oil on wood

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, 2015, 140x140cm, oil on canvas

  just watching, 2017, 80 x 80cm, oil on canvas

                                 addicted, 2014, 80 x 60cm, oil on canvas

 blue room, 2017, 30 x 40cm, oil on wood