Heinz Stoewer

pink speedo with sunglasses, 2021, 60x60cm, oil on canvas

                                 not just a saint, 2022, 60x60cm, oil on linnen

avatar, 2020, 90x120cm, oil on canvas

           entanglement, 2020, 100x120cm, oil

king of the queens, 2018, 160x120cm,oil on canvas

paradiso, 2018, 100x80cm,oil on canvas

study of a male nude, 2019,40x30cm, oil on paper

dreams may come true, 2018, 60x60cm,oil on canvas

swimming cap, 2019,40x40cm,oil on canvas

- S O L D

                                          sharp, 2018, 30x30cm, oil on cardboard - S O L D

blue eyes,2016, 67x105cm, oil on canvas

                floating speedo, 2016, 80x80cm, oil on wood

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, 2015, 140x140cm, oil on canvas

                           just watching, 2017, 80 x 80cm, oil on canvas

 addicted, 2014, 80 x 60cm, oil on canvas

                          blue room, 2017, 30 x 40cm, oil on wood