Heinz  Stoewer

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Hier geht's zum Youtube Video zur Ausstellung "Unlimited" vom Dezember 2022:




 link to my short video about the show "unlimited" from last December:


















selected artworks






















virgin canvas, 2022, 60x70cm, oil on canvas





























                                                                        joy, 2022,100x100cm, oil/linen



more than a feeling, 2021,90x120cm, oil on canvas





















when the forest turned blue, 2022, 50x60cm, oil on linen

Amazonia #2, 2021, 50x60cm, oil on canvas

shades of grey and redlight, 2021, 140x140cm. oil on canvas

legends of the fall, 2020, 90x120cm, oil on canvas

       composition #6, 2018, 100x80cm, oil on canvas